hello, darling.

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Does anybody else see things that are like “take care of yourself/love yourself” and just immediately tear up or start crying for some reason?

I feel like I’ve been neglecting all my friends to spend time alone and miserable in bed and I really miss them

I miss being a fully functional human being

I like going through my blog posts from a year or more ago and seeing how much has changed and how many things I still want to reblog

I had so many sad posts and I’m just starting to realize how much happier I am now

I don’t want to work so i’m going to continue slacking for the next 2 hours

My armpits are sunburnt

I’m thinking too much about feminism

My head hurts

Arnold Palmer is delicious

I had a dream I was back together with Sam so that was pretty weird

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life

I am stupidly bad at my job bc I did not anticipate having to be around attractive people

I can clean everything until it sparkles, but doing it around perfectly toned athletes and models and that one sales rep who looks just like Dean Winchester?

Nope I’m gonna hide in the janitors closet I am not pretty enough to be seen by you people

Sometimes I’m really articulate at expressing how I feel and sometimes I just feel like La Dispute and thunderstorms

I’m so tired of needing to love and be loved so desperately that I lose myself in other people. I don’t even know who I am or what I want anymore. I’m lost.

I’m depressed but I also have this weird jittery feeling so ???¿¿?

I need someone to smack me out of it but then cuddle me

I think the universe brings us people with similar struggles to ours so we can look at it from an outside perspective. We learn to forgive those people so we can learn to forgive ourselves. Finding yourself in other people, especially people you love, allows you to heal and teaches you to love yourself.

I hate when I talk to someone who cut me out of their life or treated me in such a way I needed to cut them out of mine and they’re all

"I miss you, there’s no one else like you, I need you in my life," etc

Because after the first few times it happens, it’s just like

I know. But you should’ve realized that while you had me.
You can’t just treat everyone like they’re replaceable and try to backtrack when you realize I’m not

I feel numb again. I think my brain got tired of feelings and caring about things. Oh well.

I feel like if you ask yourself “what am I doing with my life?” And you can give yourself a simple definitive answer, you’re limiting what you can do with your life. I’m really tired of looking for a purpose and fretting over the possibility that it’s purposeless, and I’m a lot happier whenever I just let it be and live. Do the best you can with what you got and seek happiness where you can, and don’t ruin it by trying to have all the answers.

I like tight lacing my corset bc it makes my waist look tiny but I always make it extra loose around the hips bc I love them. I mostly want a tiny waist to emphasize my wide hips because they can make babies or be a good place to hug for short people or make it easier to give piggy backs and I dunno I don’t really care to have a super small pant size bc my hips feel like love

I think my boyfriend is good for me because he knows when I need cuddled and loved on and he knows when to tell me to shut up and stop being ridiculous